Housekeeping services



Our company: since 2005, House & Kids is specialized in the formation and customized selection of home employees.

Our objective: That you will have the best quality domestic service, facilitating in addition all the legal proceedings.

Our service: We selected face to face the best candidates for you. The candidates will be the most suitable and of the utmost confidence, according to the necessities of each family.


Profiles: All our candidates are in possession of:

– Work permit.

– Curriculum vitae with verified labor references in the domestic labour market.

– High experience in: cleaning, ironing, cooking, babysitting and caring babies, elder or disabled people.

Other profiles: coupled workers, drivers, butlers, general maintenance of the house.


What differentiates us: We only sent candidates to interviews if we are sure that they fulfill the asked profile.

We sent personal reports of the candidates by email before the interviews to help in its evaluation.

We offer labour advise about every range of domestic work to guarantee a good relationship with its home employee.

We prepare all the necessary proceedings to sign the contracts with the home employees fulfilling the current legislation. (Request C.C.C., Forms of discharge/leave in SS, employment contract).

We complemented selection and formation at home with our courses of reinforcement:

At the moment we have the following courses: Spanish kitchen (8 or 16 hours), housekeeper, lingerie and iron, banquet protocol.

We also offer the option to interview the candidates on SKYPE.

The team of professionals of House and Kids

Vanesa García: Infantile psychologist and Human Resources expert.

Irene Inglés: Social Work graduate, expert trainer of nursemaids of dependent people.

Yolanda Lang: Candidates evaluator, expert in preselection of home employees.

Eva Blázquez: Home courses teacher and employees trainer.

Ariadne Lang: Director of House and Kids, in charge of Management of Labor Proceedings.

Scope of performance: Madrid. Spain or other countries of the EEC.

Our commitment: We guaranteed during six months the effectiveness of our personnel. If, for whatever reason, the customer were not satisfied, we guarantee new processes of selection free of charge.

5% discount on any hiring of personnel


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