Videgaray demands reestablishment of democratic institutions in Venezuela

videgaray dastis EP

Videgaray during the event, with Dastis in the background./ Photo: Desayunos ep


The Diplomat. 20/07/2017


Mexico’s secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray, reaffirmed, yesterday in Madrid, his country’s stance defending the reestablishment of democratic institutions in Venezuela, after the adoption by the Aztec Government of a more active attitude in the last weeks in relation to the Venezuelan crisis.


Videgaray, who is in Spain to attend the meeting of the Hispanic-Mexican Binational Committee, participated in a breakfast of Europa Press, in which he was introduced by his Spanish colleague, Alfonso Dastis, and in which he answered a question about the situation in Venezuela and the role that Mexico can play within the Organization of American States (OAS).


The minister affirmed that, regardless of the respect for Venezuela’s sovereignty, Mexico will not remain indifferent to what happens there and will assume its responsibility within the framework of the OAS, which defends -he said- “that the way to govern that must prevail is the representative democracy”. In that sense, he considered that “an objective deterioration” of the representative democracy is taking place in Venezuela, due to events such as the delay of elections, infringements in the legislative power and the existence of political prisoners.


The Mexican secretary of Foreign Affairs and Dastis agree on rejecting Maduro’s intention to arm civilians


Videgaray called Venezuela’s Government and opposition to make an effort for a peaceful development of the political processes and expressed his “absolute” rejection of violence as a way of political expression, referring to the intention of President Nicolás Maduro to arm sectors of the civil society.


The Spanish Foreign Minister expressed himself along the same lines and told journalists that the activation of the military civic plan in Venezuela “is not a good sign”. “The use of the rights of meeting, expression and protest must be allowed”, he affirmed while asking not to create “situations of tension”.



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