Uzbekistan and Spain announce strong boost to economic relations


The Uzbek Foreign Minister, Abdulaziz Kamilov, yesterday in Madrid./ Photo: AR


Alberto Rubio. 14/11/2017


The Foreign Minister, Abdulaziz Kamilov, announced a set of measures yesterday to promote the economic relations with Spain, during the opening of the 1st Business Meeting Spain-Uzbekistan, which was held at the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.


Kamilov signed, yesterday in Madrid, a memorandum on economic cooperation and he will sign another one today on air and road communications, which will shortly allow direct flights between both capitals. Furthermore, during his speech at the business forum, the head of the Uzbek diplomacy announced the intention of both countries to create a Joint Committee and affirmed that “a free exchange rate” of his country’s currency, the so’m, “will soon be accessible”.


Kamilov did not hesitate to emphasize that “Spanish businesspeople will have a better relationship with a completely new country”. The minister referred to the priority that his government grants to relations with the European Union and he explained that “if for Uzbekistan the European line is essential, there, Spain is one of the most important countries”. In this sense, he mentioned infrastructures, renewable energy, the food and agricultural industry, water management and tourism, as those sectors in which Spanish companies can have big opportunities in Uzbekistan.


The secretary of State for Trade, María Luisa Poncela, was glad about the future liberalisation of the system to monitor changes, “since it will facilitate business exchanges”, and she pointed out that “Uzbekistan is in the middle of a process of appropriate change: it is a country with low indebtedness, a healthy economy and geographically well located”. Poncela also announced that the Government of Spain plans to establish a Bilateral Financial Programme charged to the Corporate Internationalisation Fund.


In the event, the Chambers of Commerce of Spain and Uzbekistan also signed a collaboration agreement.



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