The Spanish Government accuses ISIS of having a “totalitarian programme” for Iraq


Iraqui policemen and soldiers captured by ISIS./ Picture: Twiter.


The Diplomat. Madrid.


After the announcement of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) proclaiming a caliphate in the areas of Iraq and Syria under its control, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement yesterday supporting the current Government of Baghdad in its fight against terrorism, standing out its unusual language, more direct than usual and with less diplomatic resources.


“The Iraqi authorities have been facing an intense offensive for weeks, which has been promoted by radical elements trying to impose their totalitarian programme using violence”, indicate the Ministry about the activity of the ISIS during the last months. The Spanish Government reiterate its conviction that only a “united, independent, sovereign and democratic” Iraq will be in conditions to satisfy the legitimate aspirations of the citizens.


“Few nations, like Iraq, can be proud of a thousand-year-old coexistence. Its greatest strength is also in its unity to build a future of reconciliation and prosperity. Now more than ever, Iraq needs to shed light on the civil pact empowering the coexistence between the different communities living in its core”, the department of José Manuel García-Margallo points out.


The Iraqi people showed, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “their bravery and their democratic determination going to the polls last April despite de terrorist threat”. Therefore, Spain encourage the members of the parliament chosen and the leaders of the different groups “to make an effort for the creation of a large national agreement”, from which the result should be a Government able to represent all the communities living in Iraq.


“Spain is confident that the Chamber of Representatives chooses the new president soon as the previous step for the appointment of the president of the Republic and of the Prime Minister that will have to lead the efforts of the Iraqi people in this decisive moment”, adds the note.


The UN denounced in mid June that ISIS has committed war crimes in actions such as “a series of systematic executions in cold blood” of hundreds of captured soldiers and civilians in the city of Tikrit.


“According to reports corroborated by several sources, it is known that hundreds of non-combatant men were executed summarily during the last five days” in Iraq, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN denounced. The victims were soldiers who had been captured, recruits, policemen and other people somehow connected to the Government of Shiite majority in Baghdad, including religious leaders.



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