The King will reign from Mexico…


Enrique Miguel Sánchez Motos

Civil Administrator of the State


The King will reign from Mexico…, or from Colombia, two big twin countries like many others. If this was true, the choice would have to be considered a great decision. For his part, the president of the Government would choose to govern from Rome to remember the Scipio that invaded us, crushing Iberian and Celts, and Romanized us. The ministers, not to be outdone, would each choose an appropriate country to lead their respective ministries. Of course, the autonomous presidents would not fall short and would choose to lead their autonomies from India, Korea, Singapore, or other nations, even adopting, in honour of a greater plurality, the figure of roving autonomous President travelling the whole world.


In view of these actions, the deputies of the Congress would feel a little limited, because article 15 of their regulations establishes that “deputies will have the duty to attend the sessions of the Plenary of the Congress and of the committees of which they are part”. It would happen the same with the senators, since article 20 of their respective regulations says almost the same. However, in the modern time with the current technologies, it could be interpreted, by extension, that they could be electronically present in meetings and that would allow establishing their residence in a country of their own choice.


In the end, Spain would be at the top of modernity at the planetary level, although the residents of a province would not still be looked after in the closest hospital, if it belonged to an autonomous community different from their own.


It is obvious that this type of ideas would fit in a comedy of intrigue, but it is the antithesis of common sense and this surely did not cross the mind of those drawing up the Constitution or of the sovereign people that approved it through a referendum.


Luckily, the good sense of a judge of the Supreme Court and the magistrates of the Constitutional Court seem to be channelling things. The passive Government of Rajoy also seems to have taken initiatives to avoid this possible nonsense. Nevertheless, more should be demanded from the Executive, since that is what the most immediate Power is for and it would also be useful to call the rest of constitutional parties to share their position and commit by taking a stance in relation to it.


Democratic coexistence is key to our Constitution and the ridicule and nonsense act against it. Appropriate regulations, measures and interpretations have to be approved, but it would be a lack of common sense that fugitives from Justice can receive their emoluments as deputies or compensations for having held political positions. Dear politicians, if there are legal loose ends in these matters, correct them immediately. It would seem incoherent that Minister Zoido has promoted the opening of a file for the Catalan police officer that acted as Puigdemont’s bodyguard in Belgium and that no measures or proposals have been made yet to avoid the absurd aforementioned cases.


For a modern but full of common sense Spain.


12/02/2018. © All rights reserved



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