The French Embassy celebrates its national holiday in a “decisive moment” for Europe

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France’s Ambassador, Yves Saint-Geours, sings the Marseillaise with the secretary of State, Ildefonso Castro. Photos: TD.


The Diplomat. 17/07/2017


On Friday, the French Ambassador, Yves Saint-Geours, hosted the celebration of the National Holiday of 14July at the French Embassy. There was a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack that took place last year in Niza and the ambassador went over the bilateral relations with Spain, in a “decisive moment” for a Europe that will have to know how to manage the Brexit.


“France was celebrating its national holiday when it was hit by a terrorist attack that shook our entire nation, and that tried to question our principles and way of living. Once again, the response of the Spanish Government and people won our admiration”, Saint-Geours shared with the guests present at the reception regarding the past events in Niza. The ambassador highlighted the bonds of “solidary and fraternity around the democratic values” that his country and Spain share “more than ever”.


The two “neighbouring, friend and allied” countries are living a moment of economic recovery, in which business exchanges “are increasing more than ever”, just like the growth of the economic prospects on both sides of the Pyrenees. France, for example, has become the second country of origin of tourists in Spain.


Saint-Geours emphasized the “mutual trust strengthened year after year by the fight against terrorism” that both countries show, especially in the field of Defence, in which Spain is supporting the French “shoulder to shoulder”. In this moment, key to Europe, the French Ambassador urged to build “the Europe of defence, economic and monetary union”, as well as to get back to “the path of industrial development and innovation”.


Among those attending the event were the secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs, Ildefonso Castro, and for the EU, Jorge Toledo; the director of the CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán; and the director of public prosecutions, José Manuel Maza. Representing the Diplomatic Corps were the ambassadors of Cyprus, Monaco, the Netherlands, Palestine, Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Yemen, Somalia, Poland, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon and Afghanistan, among others.


Fra Embajadores de Kuwait, Marruecos (y su esposa), Somalia y Yemen.

The ambassadors of Kuwait, Egypt (and his wife), Somalia and Yemen.


Fra Embajadora de Polonia, Marzenna Adamczyk, junto a Belén Yuste y Sonnia, L. Rivas

Poland’s Ambassador, Marzenna Adamczyk, next to Belén Yuste and Sonnia, L. Rivas.


Fra Embajadores de Camerún, Ghana y Senegal

The ambassadors of Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal.


Fra Saludo al embajador de Mónaco

Greetings to Monaco’s Ambassador.


Fra Joaquín Antuña, presidente de Paz y Cooperación, junto al embajador de Países Bajos y esposa

Joaquín Antuña, president of Peace and Cooperation, along with the Ambassador of the Netherlands and his wife.



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