The Embassy of Iraq celebrates the liberation of the city of Mosul


The diplomats in attendance wanted to celebrate the news with a collective photo./ Photo: JDL


Juan D. Latorre. 16/07/2017


The Iraqi Embassy on Monday celebrated the release by the Iraqi Army of the city of Mosul from the hands of the Islamic State, which has been occupied by the jihadist group since mid-2014. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Ali Shimran Hachem addressed the attendees to the act to express the happiness of all by the news.


“For 9 months -Ali Shimran has commented- our army has fought heroically against these criminal gangs whose members are from more than 50 nationalities from different countries around the world. The army focused on freeing humans before the terrain. That is why our Armed Forces had a great concern for preserving the lives of civilians, despite the despicable methods and baseness of the Daesh, as the use of people as human shields”.


He added that the release of Mosul represents “an important victory against these extremist bands aimed at attacking innocent civilians in other countries of the world.”


The Director-General of Foreign Policy for the Maghreb, Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East, Eva Martínez, represented the Spanish Government and expressed her satisfaction for two fundamental reasons. “The first,” she said, “is that we are exultant because the liberation of Mosul The Spanish people have felt during these more than three years Iraqi, it has suffered with the people of Iraq and for that reason this liberation, that is to say that it is a defeat more of the terrorism. Has been an outburst of joy in the streets of Iraq, we share it and carry it in our hearts”.


Martinez said that “we must win the war, but we must also win the peace,” and recalled that in that long-term work, Spain contributes with the deployment of more than 200 members of the Security Forces. “Spain is committed to a united, stable, prosperous Iraq, in peace and also with an Iraq free of threats to its territorial integrity,” she said.


The ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of France, the Arab League, Palestine, Libya, Jordan, Tunisia, Yemen and Somalia, among others, attended the ceremony.



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