The coasts of Ortigueira-Mañón: the most beautiful north of the world

Con otra mirada... acantilados


Text and photo: Eduardo González


Pure north. The image shows the cut off coasts that end at the northernmost tip of Spain, the Estaca de Bares, in the northernmost municipality of Spain, Mañón. The site also houses the northernmost population of Spain, Porto de Bares, the northernmost lighthouse in Spain and, to a large extent, the northernmost Roman remains of Spain.


The photograph was taken from Mount Covaguión, in the place of Mazorgán – belonging to the parish of Céltigos and the municipality of Ortigueira – and in the foreground stands the impressive beach of Sarridal, a huge and beautiful sand almost inaccessible – is in the background of cliffs – and that closes with the imposing Pena Furada.


If we continue to the north we find the most mediatic place in the region, the photogenic most beautiful bank in the world, and whether or not we feel it, we can reach the Cliffs of O Picón, which divide, or unite, the municipalities of Ortigueira and Mañón (bordering with the province of Lugo) and the Rias de Ortigueira and O Barqueiro.


The whole area, and more specifically the beach of O Picón, reached a certain popular notoriety for being the place where that Matías Line Judge took refuge after having the audacity – in the film of La Cuadrilla- to annul a goal to the selection Spanish and to enter, without knowing it, in the world of the Galician drug traffic.


Overlooking the spectacular beach of Louside, at the bottom of a cliff, you reach the beach of Esteiro and the foothills of the wonderful Estaca de Bares, where is the conventional separation between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea and which houses one of the 23 Lighthouses that still remain in Galicia.


In the lighthouse, located on a former navy base, Eugenio resides for more than 30 years, one of the last lighthouse keepers (now in disuse, now called “navigational aid technicians”) who still sleep on the premises.


To rest, and to take something, it is advisable to take a tour of the Porto de Bares, which has been found the archaeological remains of an old late-Roman villa of the fourth century. In this locality, the imaginative romantic scholars of yesteryear tried to locate the remains of an old Phoenician port that served as enclave to trade with the islands Casitérides, probably the British Isles.


What I said: pure north.



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