Thailand’s Embassy celebrates 300 years of relations with Spain


A moment of the performance./ Photos: Embassy of Thailand / JDL


Juan David Latorre. 18/05/2018


“In 1718, during the reigns of Philip V in Spain and Tai Sa in Thailand, both kingdoms signed the Treaty of Friendship and Navigation”, Thailand’s Ambassador, Rattikul Chansuriya, said.


With these words, the ambassador welcomed, on Wednesday, at Círculo de Bellas Artes, those present at the show Khon and traditional dances. Thailand’s cultural legacy, a classical mask theater that constituted the main entertainment of the court of the time and that combines different types of art. “Contact between our countries goes back to the 16th century”, the ambassador continued. Therefore, Spain is considered to be one of the countries having maintained one of the longest friendships with Thailand”.



Personalidades-2Thailand’s Ambassador with the authorities present and the dancers.


With the passing of time, Spain and Thailand’s relations have flourished in many aspects, such as the close connection between both royal households or the economic relations, which continue to grow, especially in the tourist sector. “The number of Spanish visitors to Thailand is constantly increasing and, during 2017, we received 180,000 Spaniards”, emphasized Chansuriya, who also expressed her satisfaction with the bilateral cooperation in education, innovation and security.


The Thai Embassy in Madrid has organized different activities with the objective of strengthening relations with Spain, focusing on the cultural diplomacy during the last years.


As well as the dance show, the Embassy organized an exhibition relating to traditional stage arts, with objects such as Khon’s clothes or the mask, and that also shows theater make-up techniques.


The event was attended by the minister of Culture of Thailand, Veera Rotphotnarat; the director general for North America, Asia and the Pacific of the Foreign Ministry, Fidel Sendagorta; the ambassadors of Cyprus, Ukraine, Latvia, Andorra, Lithuania, Belgium and Japan; representatives of the delegations of the Philippines and Kazakhstan; and Jose Maria Chiquillo, member of parliament of the People’s Party and international president of the Program Unesco ‘Silk Road’.



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