Spanish Monarchs will host reception on first anniversary of their proclamation


Felipe VI, on the day he was proclaimed King of Spain./ Foto: Elora Valbuena.


The Diplomat. Madrid


The Zarzuela Palace is putting the finishing touches on a reception in the rooms of the Royal Palace, to commemorate the first anniversary of King Felipe VI’s proclamation as king. 


The act is planned for Friday 19 June, although the date is not yet fixed.


The reception will be presided by the King and Queen, and will be attended by an important number of individuals from Spanish society, just as was the case last year or during the national celebrations on 12 October, according to information given to The Diplomat in Spain by trusted sources.


The reception held on the day of the King’s proclamation was attended by more than 2,000 guests, among which were politicians, impresarios, syndicate representatives, ambassadors and journalists. The novelty, however, was the high number of sports people, bullfighters, singers and representatives of other social collectives who had not previously been invited to these types of acts in the Royal Palace.



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