“Spain will be the bridge between the EU and Latin America against climate change”


Valvanera Ulargui./ Photo: @rielcano  


Eduardo González. 16/07/2017


The head of Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Valvanera Ulargui, announced this Wednesday that public consultations will begin next week for the drafting of the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition, with which Spain will play a part their commitments under the Paris Agreement.


The goal is to reach a law that “reaches everyone”, in which “all participate” (with express mention of parties, companies and civil society) and that has “a vocation of permanence and is not changed every four years In function of the political swings”, said the director general of the Spanish Office of Climate Change in the course of the debate on Climate governance in the new international context, organized by the Royal Institute Elcano in the headquarters of the Foundation Botín in Madrid.


The Government has created an interministerial group for the elaboration of the Law, which responds to the commitments acquired by Spain in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. US President Donald Trump announced in early June his country’s withdrawal from the Agreement.


Next week consultations begin for the law with which Spain will adapt to the Paris Agreement


However, recalled Ulargui, “the Paris Agreement is in force” and has been signed, “in record time” by 48 countries. “The most positive is that it is based on collaborative governance“, and “China, India and African countries are participating in facilitating dialogue” for their development, she added.


The EU, she continued, is exercising “contrasted leadership” with “policies and measures to decouple economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions”. In any case, she warned, diplomatic work will be “more important than ever to seek strategic and necessary alliances, because the EU, by itself, will not get it”.


In this work, she said, Spain, whose companies are “at the forefront of clean technology” and where both the administration and the parliamentary arc are “willing to contribute” against climate change, “will bridge, as always, with America Latin and the Mediterranean” in favor of the Paris Agreement. “Climate change is at the forefront of the political agenda” of Spain, she said.



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