Spain provided logistical support for the air strike on Syria


Un KC-130J Super Hercules./ Foto: YouTube


The Diplomat. 15/04/2018


Spain provided logistical support for the strike carried out by the United States, the United Kingdom and France on Syria in response to the chemical weapons attack attributed to the regime of Bashar El Assad. Spanish Government considered the action “legitimate and proportionate”.


Two American tankers KC-130J Super Hercules took off, apparently, from the Zaragoza air base to support the air deployment of the military operation. The apparatuses were in Zaragoza due to works carried out in their usual base, in Morón de la Frontera (Seville).


The planes were used as flying gas stations so that the fighters that participated in the bombing could refuel.


The Spanish government, through a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a statement by its president, Mariano Rajoy, described the action against Syria as “legitimate and proportionate”, and in clear reference to Russia, said that “those who support the Syrian regime have to exert all the pressure necessary to avoid attacks against the civilian population. ”


Rajoy added that the Spanish government was warned of the attack in advance by the allies.


In Spain, Ciudadanos supported the action, while the PSOE questioned it, saying that it would have been preferable to wait for the conclusion of the investigations. We can, through its leader Pablo Iglesias, opposed the attack and resurrected the “No to war”.



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