Spain-Japan Agreement on ‘Working Holiday’ visas comes into force

working holiday



The Diplomat. 14/06/2018


The agreement between Spain and Japan establishing the requirements to be met by the youth of both countries to obtain a visa allowing them to work in the other country for a maximum period of a year during their tourist stays came into force yesterday.


The objective of this agreement, signed in April 2017 during the visit of State made by the King and Queen to Japan, is “to give greater opportunities to its nationals, especially the youth, to appreciate the other country’s culture and way of living with the purpose of promoting mutual understanding”, according to information published by the Official State Gazette.


Spain already has agreements on Working Holiday with Canada, New Zealand and Australia, but this is the first time that it sets it in motion with an Asian country.


The program of sporadic holidays and activities offers the youth aged between 18 and 30 years old the possibility of staying in Spain or Japan for a maximum period of a year from the day they enter the country and paying for the expenses derived from the holiday stay.


The agreement was signed in April 2017 during the visit made by the Monarchs to Japan


Those interested must reside in one of the two countries, not having benefited from the program before and have sufficient funds for their maintenance costs for the initial period. Furthermore, applicants must present a return ticket or prove to have economic solvency to get one, since the beneficiary will have to leave the country of destination at the end of their stay.


Despite of the fact that it came into force yesterday, the Embassies of both countries started setting the program in motion in July 2017, which has been reflected on the issue of 500 visas for each nationality until June 2018.



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