Spain has invested 900 million in the UNDP fund for Latin America


Photo: MAEC


The Diplomat. 11/08/2017


Successive Spanish governments have invested 900 million euros since the launch of the Spain-UNDP Fund for Latin America in 2007. 148 projects and initiatives have been launched with this money in a total of 22 countries, which have benefited 15 million people.


The projects carried out in the Ibero-American and Caribbean countries have served to improve aspects such as security, health, governance, and gender equality. This fund has also contributed to improve trade flows, the development of human rights or the equity in the distribution of resources.


In Peru, for example, the ‘Invisible Oceans’ project has provided 25,000 people living in extreme poverty in the Andes with a national identity document. In Bolivia, a health program has been carried out to reduce maternal mortality during delivery. This fund has even been used to produce the first human development report for Latin America.


Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress of Deputies met in February with a delegation of senior UNDP and UN representatives to discuss development in Latin America. One of the conclusions of the meeting is that, in addition to the development of basic services, these funds have enabled many Latin American countries to become middle-income countries.



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