Spain does not consider “for now” to recall its Ambassador to Venezuela

silva venezuela

Jesús Silva, Spain’s Ambassador to Caracas./ Photo: @ConsEspCaracas 


Eduardo González. 21/04/2017


The Spanish and Mexican Foreign Ministers, Alfonso Dastis and Luis Videgaray, agreed yesterday on rejecting violence and claiming a political agreement in Venezuela. In that sense, the Spanish minister pointed out that the Government does not consider, “for now”, to temporarily recall its ambassador or other measures that “contribute to increase tension”.


“We agree to reject acts of violence and we appeal to all the parties to refrain from using violence and provocation”, Dastis declared during a joint press conference with his Mexican counterpart at the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters, the Viana Palace.


Both countries hope that, “in the short term, there is a national political agreement that allows recovering democratic normality”, he pointed out during the press conference after the meeting of the 12th edition of the Bilateral Committee Spain-Mexico.


Therefore, according to Dastis, Spain would prefer to “observe” events from its Embassy in Caracas without “taking measures that contribute to increase tension”. “We will examine the most appropriate steps day by day, but, for now, there is no measure to be announced regarding the temporary recall of the ambassador”, he affirmed.


On Tuesday, the spokesperson of the Executive Committee of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, announced that her party will ask the Government to temporarily recall the Spanish Ambassador to Venezuela, Jesús Silva, “facing the flagrant violations of human rights” in the South American country.


Dastis affirms that he will not announce measures “contributing to the increase of tension”


Besides, the minister affirmed that, for now, the Government has not considered the possibility of lowering or removing taxes for the issue or renewal of passports for Spanish people residing in Venezuela, as requested by Coalición Canaria through a motion at the Congress of Deputies.


For his part, Videgaray stated that “Venezuelans must be the ones to solve the conflict through a real dialogue” and he pointed out that, despite the recent temporary recall of the ambassador to Caracas, Mexico also wishes to maintain its diplomatic presence in Venezuela in order to preserve the channels for a “respectful and constructive” dialogue with the Government of Nicolás Maduro.



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