Six ambassadors present Credentials, one week before the reception of the Diplomatic Corps


Poland’s Ambassador was the first one to appear before King Felipe VI./ Photos: Royal Household of HM the King


The Diplomat. 20/01/2017


The new Ambassadors of Poland, Peru, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Vietnam and India presented their Credential Letters before the King yesterday, a week before the traditional reception for the Diplomatic Corps.


As previously revealed by The Diplomat, the Royal Household has taken especial interest in facilitating the presentation of Credentials for those ambassadors who were already in Spain, so that they could attend the reception of 26 January. That restores the tradition interrupted last year due to the difficulties for the formation of a new government in Spain.


Those ambassadors who presented their accreditations yesterday as heads of Mission are Marzenna Adamczyk (Poland); José Antonio García Belaunde (Peru); Carlos Antonio Midence (Nicaragua); Iván Iliev Kondov (Bulgaria); Ngo Tien Dung (Vietnam); and Bala Venkatesh Varma (India).


After the protocol ceremony -which was attended for the first time by the Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis- King Felipe VI maintained, according to tradition, a brief exchange of impressions with each ambassador regarding bilateral relations between both countries.


Peru-rey_credenciales_20170119Peru’s Ambassador, José Antonio García Belaunde, before the King.


Nicaragua-rey_credenciales_20170119Nicaragua’s Ambassador, Carlos Midence, talks with King Felipe VI.


Bulgaria-rey_credenciales_20170119The King and Bulgaria’s Ambassador, Iván Kondov, exchange impressions.


Vietnam-rey_credenciales_20170119Vietnam’s Ambassador, Ngo Tien Dung, speaks with King Felipe VI.


India-rey_credenciales_20170119India’s Ambassador, Bala Venkatesh Varma, presenting his Credentials before the King.



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