Polish lyrical music at Real Círculo de Labradores of Seville

Musica lirica polaca ok


On Thursday 22 February at 20:00 hrs, Real Círculo de Labradores of Seville (Real Círculo de Labradores Street) will present a recital of Polish lyrical music titled Souvenir d’amitié, with the performances of Urszula Bardlowska (in the photo), lyrical soprano, Anna Tonna, mezzosoprano, and Francisco Manuel Soriano Ramírez, playing piano.


Souvenir d’amitée… is a concert of vocal duos and solos, and works for piano that prove intimate friendships through musical dedications during the Romantic time, around the figure of the French-Spanish contralto and composer Pauline Viardot- García (1821-1910), the pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849), the writer George Sand (1804-1876), as well as connections between Viardot-Garcia and Richard Wagner (1813-1883).



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