Picardo expects new Spanish government to cooperate with Gibraltar

picardo onu 2018

Picardo before his intervention./ Photo: HM Govt of Gibraltar

The Diplomat. 12/06/2018


The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, expressed yesterday in New York, during his speech before the Committee of Decolonization of the United Nations, his confidence that the change of Government in Spain will facilitate cooperation. In the same session the Spanish representative reiterated the validity of the proposal of co-sovereignty for the Rock.


Picardo, who had very critical words for the Executive of Mariano Rajoy and, especially, for the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo, accusing them of breaking agreements and using “false slanders” against Gibraltar, said he was confident that attitude change under the Government of Pedro Sánchez.


The chief minister said he is ready to work on “solutions” to respond to the consequences of the UK’s departure from the European Union, an exit that, he recalled, is “involuntary” in the case of Gibraltar. He added that he is willing to reach agreements in other areas of mutual interest, such as fiscal transparency or protection of the environment.


Spain reiterates in the UN the offer of co-sovereignty for the Rock


In response to the words of Picardo, in the same session of the Committee of Decolonization, the representative of Spain said that the offer to the United Kingdom for a co-sovereignty on Gibraltar, made in October 2016 and rejected by London and by the Gibraltarians, is still valid.


The Spanish representative insisted that “there is no other solution to Gibraltar’s dispute than a process of decolonization negotiated between Spain and the United Kingdom in the terms established by the United Nations”.



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