Philippines and Spain consolidate historical links looking to future



I enter the future remembering the past”: Philippine Ambassador, Philippe J. Lhuillier, quoted José Rizal’s epigraph to ‘Council of the Gods’ to emphasize the “value that Spain and the Philippines grant to bilateral relations”, based “on a past shared for 500 years that changed our culture and united our nations forever”.


Therefore, during the reception offered on Tuesday at the InterContinental Hotel of Madrid to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Independence of the Philippines and the 16th anniversary of the Day of the Spanish-Philippine Friendship, Ambassador Lhuillier expressed his wish for those connections to serve both countries “to achieve more goals benefiting our nations”.


The ambassador went over the different political and economic agreements connecting both nations, the last of which, on air transport, was signed precisely on Tuesday and will allow us “to improve the relationship between both countries”.


The secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ildefonso Castro (in the above photo, toasts with the ambassador), emphasized that the Philippines is the only Asian country considered “priority” by the Spanish cooperation. Castro was pleased because, in the commercial and investment field, “we still have margin to increase our exchanges”. He also pointed out that the ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU “will allow us to have a very useful channel for our relations”.


The representative of the Spanish Government also paid an emotional tribute to the figure of the Philippine senator Edgardo Angara, promoter of the Day of the Spanish-Philippine Friendship, which is celebrated every 30 of June. Furthermore, he emphasized the “strengthened bet” of both countries which means the recent inauguration in Manila of a new center of Instituto Cervantes and announced that the next round of bilateral political negotiations will take place this year in Manila.


Text and photos: A. Rubio. 14/06/2018


FIL-ARP_0064India’s Ambassador, Bala Venkatesh Varma, greets the Philippine Ambassadors, in the presence of the minister counselor and his wife.


FIL-ARP_0075A Philippine duo performed the national anthem of their country.


FIL-ARP_0088Ambassador Philippe J. Lhuillier, during his speech.


FIL-ARP_0099The secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ildefonso Castro, represented the Spanish Government in the reception.


FIL-ARP_0070Cyprus’s Ambassador, Koula Sophianou, with Venezuela’s Ambassador, Mario Isea.


FIL-ARP_0111Ukraine’s Ambassador, Anatoliy Scherba, with the minister counselor of the Philippines, Emmanuel Fernández, and the deputy of PP by Valencia, José María Chiquillo.


FIL-ARP_0108Palestine’s Ambassador, Musa Amer Odeh, with Mayca Campos, of the Department of Protocol of the Foreign Ministry.



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