Krakow’s Jewish Festival: “it’s not mathematics, it’s about ethics”


The traditional gastronomy of the Polish Jews was the protagonist of the event./ Photos: AR


Alberto Rubio. 11/10/2018


Jewish culture in Poland, in the broadest sense of the word, met on Monday at the Polish embassy to pay tribute to the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and its founder and director, Janusz Makuch.


The Krakow Festival brings together thousands of people each year around the cultural, musical, culinary and social traditions of Polish Jews. It is, as ambassador Marzenna Adamczyk recalled, “the largest festival of contemporary Jewish culture in the world, except for Israel, whose purpose is to rescue that culture that some wanted to kill”.


The director and founder of the Festival, Janusz Makuch, to whom the Israeli government granted the title of Friend of Israel last year, recalled that the festival began “only one year after the collapse of the communist system” and added that “I never thought it would come to be what it is today”.


POL_ARP0016Janusz Makuch, during his speech, with Ambassador Marzenna Adamzcyk in the background.


Makuch called for “the young generation of Poles to assume the responsibility of preserving our history” and stressed the importance of the festival remembering that years ago a journalist asked a friend of him, Jewish singer: “why do we come to Poland if almost not Jews are left here? ” His friend replied: “It’s not a question of mathematics, it’s about ethics”.


POL_ARP0029Attendees, during the screening of the video about the Krakow Festival.



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