Instituto Polaco de Cultura brings the best cinema at CinePOLSKA

The last family ok


Tomorrow Saturday 13 January at 19:30 hrs, Instituto Polaco de Cultura is inaugurating, at the Doré Cinema of Madrid (3 Santa Isabel Street), CinePOLSKA, the annual date with the best contemporary Polish cinematography. And it does it with one of the biggest successes of the Polish cinema of last year, The Last Family, the artistic debut of the director Jan P. Matuszyński. After the screening, there will be a conference with the Polish director.


The festival’s programme continues on Sunday 14, at 17:30 hrs, with the screening of the film Amok, a story based on real events, the case of the writer and photographer Krystian Bala. Instituto Polaco de Cultura is giving 4 free double tickets for this Sunday screening to the first four e-mails it receives ( indicating the correct name of Amok’s director.



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