Instituto Francés presents book ‘El banquete de las barricadas’

El banquete de las barricadas ok


Author: Pauline Dreyfus.


This afternoon at 20:00 hrs, within the framework of the Series May of the 68, Instituto Francés of Madrid is presenting the book El banquete de las barricadas (The banquet of the barricades), with Pauline Dreyfus. Meeting moderated by the Spanish writer and journalist Ignacio Vidal-Folch. Free entry, limited capacity. Reservation recommended.


22 May 1968. Paris is paralyzed by the general strike. There are barricades in the streets. The country is in shock. At the majestic Meurice Hotel, located at the 228 of the elegant rue de Rivoli, the employees have decided to choose self-management, putting the director aside. However, in the middle of this uncertain revolutionary climate, life goes on, and that day the Meurice Hotel is receiving the literary award winner Roger-Nimier. Will the award be presented?



Pages: 200.
Format: Softback.
Publishing house: ANAGRAMA.
ISBN: 9788433980083.
Price: 17.95 euros.





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