Our company:

Born in January 2013 as a response to the needs of many families and companies to solve the prevailing chaos in their homes and businesses. Cabinets in kitchens, pantries, offices, dressing rooms, linen closets, storage rooms, garages, warehouses, are full of useless things or in poor condition and take up a necessary space for new and more useful things.

We are able to organize any kind of space definitely from the base. We empty, we classify its content, we separated the useless or in bad condition, we allocate again each thing, label and inventory it. To ensure its maintenance we use boxes, separators, indicators of content, hangers, caps, bags saves space, shelves in storerooms and archives, etc.

What we do:

Our work is based on a logical and aesthetic order.

We reorganize and order homes and business, complete or by room.

Advise on distribution and optimization of spaces in cabinets, closets, offices, storage rooms, kitchens, linens, pantries, garages…

We unpack removals total or partially, at the same time developing the project of reorganization and order.

As part of the project of reorganization without cost, we offer the service of a home personal shopper for the purchase of necessary equipment.

What makes us different. Our commitment.

We are the leading company in organization of space, we are professional, serious and effective.

Our main objective is to provide, to the family at home and the employer and workers at his business, the serenity and cleaning which transmits the order, simplify your day to day and save your time.

We offer a service of impeccable luxury, just like our prices.


We work primarily in the community of Madrid, being flexible to carry out projects in other places, depending on the magnitude of them.


5% discount on all our services



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