The Government maintains the assistance for the protection of Spaniards abroad

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The Diplomat.10/08/2017


This year’s National Budget maintains the item of assistance managed for the protection of Spaniards abroad at 2.35 million euros, which is the same amount budgeted for 2016.


This money is allocated to consular assistance for Spaniards abroad. This amount covers assistance to welfare institutions and Spanish citizens deprived of their freedom in foreign prisons, as well as to the management of repatriations of Spaniards, especially cases of return for victims of gender violence.


Foreign assistance granted in 2016 to 70 welfare institutions amounted to 496,000 euros. Furthermore, 5,300 individual grants were granted to Spaniards serving sentences in foreign prisons, which amounted to a total of 430,000 euros. At the end of 2016, there were a total of 1,328 Spaniards imprisoned in foreign prisons, almost half the number of five years ago, in 2011 (2,519), according to the Ministry of the Interior.


The first country with Spanish prisoners is Peru, with 243 at the end of last year, followed by France (188), Portugal (115), Germany (97) and Italy (96). However, this figure in Peru has already been reduced after Madrid and Lima decided in March to transfer 30 prisoners to Spanish prisons. It was the first operation of this kind taking place between the two countries.



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