Formula 1 considers implementing anti-explosion system by Technokontrol


Technokontrol’s managers at the Montmeló circuit, last week.


Alberto Rubio. 14/03/2017


The International Automobile Federation (FIA in its French acronym) is considering adopting the use of the security system by Technokontrol in all the categories of its competitions at the international level, including Formula 1.


Technokontrol, as previously revealed by The Diplomat months ago, is a security system whose patent is completely Spanish and whose objective is to avoid the fire and explosion of fuel tanks, both those aimed at storing big amounts and those of automobiles.


During the initial tests of the season of Formula 1 at the Montmeló circuit, those in charge of the Spanish company met those in charge of the FIA, which have showed their interest in implementing the product called TK in its competitions, according to information provided to The Diplomat by sources of the company.


The TK is a mesh -also available in the shape of “balls”- made by an alloy of different metals molten at different temperatures. It barely takes 1% away from the capacity of the tanks in which it is installed and it bears temperatures of 1,000 degrees for an unlimited period of time. Those responsible for it highlight that it is also very cheap and it can be applied to the walls of buildings, for example, to create barriers that avoid the spreading of fires.



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