EU and AECID fund a research against judicial corruption in Honduras

embajador en honduras

The ambassador of Spain during the event./ Photo: AECID


The Diplomat. 06/03/2016


The report Operating System Administration of Criminal Justice in Honduras, prepared by the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) under Eurojustice, a program funded by the European Union through the Spanish Cooperation Agency (AECI), was recently presented in Tegucigalpa by the ambassador of Spain in this country, Miguel Albero Suarez.


“The State of Honduras has grown to face in the last decade a serious crisis of crime and violence to achieve the highest homicide rate worldwide with 86.5 per hundred thousand inhabitants for 2012,” reads the document, prepared by the Institute for Democracy, Peace and Security (IUDPAS), UNAH.


All diagnoses “agree that there are serious problems of inter-agency coordination, power struggles, mistrust and antagonisms that have seriously affected their effectiveness, leaving as a result a high volume of criminal acts unpunished that encourage crime and weaken the institutions,” the report continues . Besides, the System Administration of Criminal Justice in Honduras “has very low results as the resolution rate and the number of outstanding issues”, which “results in a denial of this right to the majority of the population,” it adds.


Apart from the problems outlined, the study also mentions the progress regarding the independence, integrity and transparency of its actions, infrastructure that have bodies that make up the system and the budget allocated to each of them.


The report, part of the Eurojustice program, was presented by the Ambassador of Spain in Tegucigalpa


With the development of this research, UNAH, the EU and the AECID “contribute to national efforts to combat impunity for corruption and violent crimes, and ensure access of the Honduran population to a system of efficient, effective transparent, reliable and promoting social equity “, as indicated by the AECID in a statement.


The presentation of the diagnosis took place on 22 February. The opening ceremony was chaired by the head of the Delegation of the European Union in Honduras, Ketil Karlsen ambassador; Spain’s ambassador in Honduras, Miguel Albero Suarez; the rector of UNAH, Julieta Castellanos; and the president of the Supreme Court, Rolando Argueta, among other personalities and social and professional representatives.



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