‘Entre líneas y a contracorriente’, by the Marquis of Tamarón

Entre lineas ok


At the beginning of April, the School of Diplomacy hosted the presentation of the book Entre líneas y a contracorriente (Between lines and against the tide), written by the Marquis of Tamarón, Santiago de Mora-Figueroa y Williams, Spanish writer and diplomat, Spain’s ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1999 to 2004.


Three volumes that include the most relevant of its author’s literary work: a novel, two stories, two long essays, a few dozens of articles published in the press, 299 entries in his log book (he calls it like that because it is a log book and because blog is an unpronounceable word for the average Spanish speaker) and 1,257 comments of readers that go from the most virulent disagreement to the most enthusiastic agreement. All of it appeared between 2008 and 2018, and to that adds a series of four alphabetic indexes that avoid hiding the author’s faults or the commentator reader’s injustices.



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