The Embassy of Azerbaijan commemorates Genocide Day in Barcelona


Ambassador Anar Maharramov, during his speech.


The Diplomat. 31/03/2018


In commemoration of March 31, declared Genocide Day against Azerbaijanis, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Spain organized a meeting last week with its expatriate residents in Barcelona, ​​attended by Ambassador Anar Maharramov.


The diplomat stressed that, “despite the efforts of the Soviet ideology to erase these bloody events from the memory of our people, in compliance with the Decree of National Leader Heydar Aliyev of March 26, 1998, annually on March 31 is officially celebrated as Genocide Day against Azerbaijanis“.


Maharramov made an extensive review of “the atrocities committed in March-April 1918 by the Armenian Dashnak armed groups and the Soviet power in Baku against the Azerbaijanis” and explained that “the policy of genocide and deportation, committed by the Armenians against the Azerbaijanis, was reflected again in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. ”


Before showing a documentary and a photo session about the genocide on March 31, the ambassador said that “today the Armenian nationalists continue with the policy of ethnic cleansing and aggression against our people” in front of which he stressed that “Azerbaijan will never be according to the occupation of their lands “and was convinced that” our occupied territories will be returned in the near future “.


During the meeting, the ambassador also invited residents in Spain to vote in the presidential elections on April 11, for which an electoral college will be installed at the Embassy, ​​according to information provided in its website.


Azrebaiyan-ResidentesSome of the people attending the meeting.


Ambassador Maharramov confirmed, during his speech, that Azerbaijan “supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Kingdom of Spain within its internationally recognized borders and is in favor of the solution of the Catalan crisis in accordance with Spanish legislation”. He also urged his compatriots to “stay away from the marches of the separatist forces in Catalonia, in order to avoid possible injuries.”


The president of ‘Azerbaijani Society in Barcelona‘ (ASB), Karim Karimov, highlighted the positive impact of the celebration of the event for the promotion of the patriotism of Azerbaijanis.



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