Europe Day
May 9 all-day


Europe Day


Europe Day celebrates peace and unity of the European continent. The date is the anniversary of the historic Schuman Declaration. In a speech in Paris in 1950 speech, the French Foreign Minister outlined his idea of ​​a new form of political cooperation in Europe to do unthinkable a new war between European nations. Schuman’s proposal is considered the beginning of what is now the European Union and since then celebrations occur every May 9th.



Presentation of the book ‘Why Damascus? Prints of a fading Arab world’ @ Auditorio de Casa Árabe
May 18 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Tomás Alcoverro, correspondent of La Vanguardia in the Middle East since 1970, presents at the headquarters of Casa Árabe in Córdoba his latest book, Why Damascus? Prints from a fading Arab world. During the event will be accompanied by Pedro Villena, director general of Casa Árabe.

The book narrates the author’s recent travels to Syria at war. There he has found himself faced with the disheartening panorama that the country he has loved and known for 40 years, populated by people of diverse cultures able to live together and willing to move forward into the future, has been reduced to ruins and spoils. Its millenary cities have been razed by bombs and its inhabitants have embarked on a massive exodus that is having a profound humanitarian impact around the world.



Luxembourg National Day
Jun 23 – Jun 24 all-day



Luxembourg’s National Day


The celebration dates back to the eighteenth century, when it was customary to celebrate the birthday of the sovereign. Under the long reign of Grand Duchess Charlotte, between 1919 and 1964, this celebration always took place in winter, on January 23, his birthday.


On December 23rd, 1961, a Grand-Ducal decree transferred the celebration to June 23, mainly for climatic reasons, as the “Day of the official celebration of the birthday of the Grand Duke”.