Dominican Ambassador, SICA’s new coordinator in Spain


From left to right: the ambassadors Fernando Molina, Doris Osterlof, Milton Henríquez, Olivo Rodríguez, Norman García, Carlos Midence and Alberto Palencia./ Photo: Embassy of the Dominican Republic


The Diplomat. 12/01/2018


On Wednesday, the Dominican Republic’s Ambassador, Olivo Rodríguez Huertas, assumed the coordination of the ambassadors of the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA in its Spanish acronym) before the Kingdom of Spain.


In an event celebrated at the InterContinental Hotel of Madrid, the outgoing coordinator, Panama’s Ambassador, Milton Henríquez, presented the report of the activities carried out during the period July-December 2017.


After the speech of the Panamanian Ambassador, Olivo Rodríguez informed his colleagues that the work plan for the period January-June 2018 is part of the proposals made by the Dominican president, Danilo Medina -who assumed the Pro-Tempore Presidency of SICA in December-, consisting of promoting social protection and production inclusion to reduce inequality in the Central American region.


Ambassador Olivo Rodríguez also pointed out his commitment to promoting and strengthening relations between the SICA region and Spain, projecting the image of an integrated region, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic informs in a statement.


As well as the ambassadors of Panama and the Dominican Republic, the event was attended by the ambassadors Norman García (Honduras), Jorge Alberto Palencia (El Salvador), Carlos Midence (Nicaragua), Fernando Molina (Guatemala) and Doris Osterlof (Costa Rica).



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