Dastis asks young Hispanic leaders to spread Spain’s legacy in the US


Foreign Minister with Carolina Foundation’s director, Jesús Andreu, and the young hispanic leaders./ Photo: Fundación Carolina


The Diplomat. 20/11/2016


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis, received on Thursday a delegation of young US Hispanic leaders from several fields to whom he asked to spread the historical and cultural legacy that the Spanish presence left in the country.


A dozen young people, who have Spanish as their mother tongue and stand out in the political, economic, management, art, culture, social and academic US world, participated in Spain in a program of the Carolina Foundation to deepen mutual understanding.


Dastis stressed to these youngsters the importance of the relationship of Spain with the United States and conveyed the government’s willingness to strengthen in the coming years such meetings and ties with Hispanic communities in order to improve and deepen the relationship with their country, according to information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


The minister recalled that the Hispanic dimension of relations with the United States is essential because it is the community that best knows Spain and the best to make it known better to the great American nation. In this context, he highlighted the key role of General Bernardo de Galvez in the independence of the United States.



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