Cervantes Institute centres will exhibit funds of Picasso’s Casa Natal

litografia picasso

Lithograph by Picasso


The Diplomat. 06/08/2017


Cervantes Institute has announced the next signing of an agreement with the Picasso Foundation Museum Casa Natal to exhibit in its centers several original artist books with engravings and lithographs of the painter from Malaga.


In particular, it is about 50 books with original graphic work (and therefore, are not reproductions) series by Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a valuable collection that “has Cervantes scale according to our rooms”, as announced by the director of Cervantes , Juan Manuel Bonet, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Directors in Malaga. “Picasso is a safe value wherever you go”, said the director, who assured that the success of the exhibition of those volumes is guaranteed.


Meanwhile, the director of the municipal agency that manages Picasso’s Casa Natal, José María Luna, stated at the same ceremony that Picasso and Cervantes form “an unbeatable duo” in the promotion of Spanish culture in the world. “Almost everyone now knows that Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso, but there was a time when this was not so”, said the mayor of the Andalusian capital, Francisco de la Torre.


The Institute will promote the dolmens of Antequera internationally


The Picasso Foundation Casa Natal Museum owns, in safe boxes, about 50 original artist books, of the 150 that the artist made. Several directors of the Cervantes have expressed to this entity located in Malaga its interest to show in its headquarters said picassian graphic work.


During the meeting in Málaga, Cervantes officials also announced a possible agreement to promote internationally the dolmens of Antequera, a megalithic group of five thousand years old located next to this town of Malaga and visited by participants in the meeting. “The agreement would follow the path of Cervantes to disclose the paleoanthropological deposits of Atapuerca (Burgos)”, the Institute said.



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