Casa Árabe presents ‘La noria de Beirut’, by Tomás Alcoverro

La noria de Beirut ok


Author: Tomás Alcoverro.


Journalist Tomás Alcoverro presents his last work, La noria de Beirut (Beirut’s Wheel), published by Diéresis, at Casa Árabe in Madrid this afternoon at 19:00 hrs. Alcoverro will be accompanied by José Antonio Guardiola, director of En Portada of TVE. The event will be presented by Pedro Martínez-Avial, director general of Casa Árabe. Free entry, limited capacity.


The veteran journalist Tomás Alcoverro has lived in Beirut since 1970 and he has witnessed how it was transformed into the battlefield of a long fifteen-year-old civil war, and of many shorter but not less destructive wars. That has turned it into a ‘surrealist’ city, as he baptized it, as surrealist as the country of which it is capital, Lebanon.


Pages: 252.
Format: Softback.
Publishing house: DIÉRESIS.
ISBN: 9788494628993.
Price: 19.95 euros.





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