Businesspeople and academicians at anniversary of Iran’s Revolution



The Embassy of Iran commemorated, yesterday, the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with a reception, at the InterContinental Hotel of Madrid, which was attended by numerous Spanish businesspeople and ambassadors accredited in Spain, as well as by representatives of the university world, who posed with Ambassador Mohammad H. Fadaifard in the above photo.


In many of the groups gathering to talk, businesspeople expressed their concern about the continuous pressure that the US President, Donald Trump, is putting on Iran and that prevent the progressive lifting of sanctions, as the Nuclear Agreement signed in 2015 establishes. Among other things, the North American pressure prevents Iranian banks from accessing international systems of transfer of capitals, such as SWIFT, since many financial entities fear reprisals if they admit transactions from Iran.


Text and photos: A. Rubio. 13/02/2018


IRN-ARP_0011Iran’s Ambassador, Mohammad H. Fadaifard, greets his Azerbaijani colleague, Anar Maharramov.


IRN-ARP_0015The ambassadors of Russia, Yuri Korchagin, and Palestine, Musa Amer Odeh, with the chargé d’affaires of Syria, Milad Atieh (in the centre).


IRN-ARP_0018The ambassadors of South Africa, Lulama Smuts Ngonyama, the Republic of Guinea, Paul Goa, and Gambia, Lang Yabou.


IRN-ARP_0021The ambassadors of Lithuania, Skaiste Aniuliene, and Thailand, Rattikul Chansuriya.


IRN-ARP_0022Algeria’s Ambassador, Taous Feroukhi, with Nasrin Zhiyan, of Massumeh, and the director of the magazine Diplomacia, Santiago Velo de Antelo.


IRN-ARP_0025The ambassadors of Ireland, Sile Maguire, and Finland, Tina Jortikka-Laitinen.



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