Brazil honors Grynspan for his “commitment to Ibero-American cooperation”

grynspan brasil

Ceremony of delivery of the Order of Rio Branco./ Photo: @SEGIBdigital


The Diplomat. 14/07/2018


The Government of Brazil granted yesterday the Order of Rio Branco, one of the highest honors in the country, to the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan, for “her committed work in favor of Ibero-American cooperation”.


Grynspan received the distinction from the Brazilian ambassador in Spain, Antonio Simões, in a ceremony held at the Embassy’s headquarters, according to SEGIB.


Established in 1963 by the Brazilian government, the Order of Rio Branco aims to reward individuals and institutions whose services or merits have been exceptional, and promote actions that are worthy of this honorable mention.


“I am moved by this recognition: because it reminds me that my struggles have not been in vain, I am especially happy that this support comes from Brazil today, which is an essential part of the Ibero-American space”, Grynspan said during the ceremony.



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