Our company: We are experts in internet video technologies. We make audiovisuals, engineering of live streaming and web development. We are pioneers in offering virtual offices for interactive vídeoconferences between a number of users which share documents, annotations and writing-desk.

What we do: We offer 3 main products: accomplishment of audiovisuals for virtual Internet, offices with interactive multiconferences and live streaming of events.

Audio-visual: We have produced, recorded and published more than 300 audiovisuals: events, corporative, institutional, documentary, news articles of the present time, social and interviews. We are experts in communication and we transmitted the message in a concise and effective way. We to size made editions according to the particularitities of each video and the necessities of our clients. We translate and we subtitled to multiple languages.

Virtual offices: We offer platforms for interactive multiconferences, sharing video, audio, chat and writing-desk, being able to show to presentations and documents and to make annotations in real time. In addition it is possible to record the sessions.

Live streaming: We have broadcasted on Internet more than 200 events of all types: protocol conferences, congresses, acts, presentation of results, spectacles, presentations of books and products, press conferences, professional meetings, interviews, etc. We fit the broadcasting to the necessities of each event. Recording with one or multiple cameras, fixed and movable. We can mixed the signals of each camera in the computer of the lecturer,and videos and publicity of sponsors. We inserted labels, banners, flyers, logos, 2D and 3D animations. We mix multilingual audio of table microphones and necktie. Simultaneous translation with possibility of broadcasting of multiple languages. Recording of footage in HD. The broadcasting can be followed from the Web by our customers. Also we developed specific websites for event from where it is possible to manage the invitations, sell entrances and show commentaries of the social networks. Also, we protect the recording against unloading or we upload it to the main websites (like Youtube).

What differentiates us: We are a team of recognized prestige and great experience, formed by journalists, engineers, graphic designers, audio and video technicians and operators of camera. This multitask team makes possible to produce audiovisuals and broadcastings with TV quality  with the most competitive prices. We combined the audiovisual communication with the last technologies web to offer innovating services of video by Internet. Between our clients and collaborators are more than 100 companies, official organisms, foundations, museums and other institutions.

Scope of performance: We are located in Madrid, Spain, from where we give service to all Europe.


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