Argentinian community celebrates Independence Day in Madrid



More than five hundred Argentines and friends of Argentine celebrated, on Monday, at the College Nuestra Señora de Luján, the festivity of July 9, which commemorates the signing of the Declaration of the Argentine Independence, in 1816.


Argentine’s Ambassador to Spain, Ramón Puerta, expressed his satisfaction with the celebration of the festivity “with all of you and in its whole dimension that unites us with our Motherland”. Puerta emphasized that “there is still much left to be done” and pointed out that the challenge is “to continue to stand out as Argentines and to work as a system”, in a commitment that “is not only the economy, but also the art and the culture”.


During the event, those present paid an emotional tribute to the singer and composer Alberto Cortez, of whom the ambassador said that “he is a great Argentine and a great Latin American that has projected us to the world”.


The director of the College, Karina Conde, remembered the special meaning that the celebration of July 9 has for those who “are outside our motherland” and proposed those present “to celebrate what we are from our deepest identity”.


Text and photos: A. Rubio. 11/07/2018


ARG-ARP_0213Ambassador Ramón Puerta pronounced a few worlds for those attending the reception.


ARG-ARP_0177The singer and composer Alberto Cortez received a warm tribute from those present.


ARG-ARP_0182The minister counselor of the Argentine Embassy, Eduardo José Michel, and the director of communication, Alcira Iríñiz.


ARG-ARP_0169The ambassador, accompanied by the director of the Argentine College ‘Nuestra Señora de Luján’, Karina Conde, and Argentine’s consul general to Madrid, Moira Wilkinson.


ARG-ARP_0172San Martín performed classics of Argentine pop and rock.


ARG-ARP_0190The celebration included classic “choripanes” and pies typical of the Argentine gastronomy.




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