Ábalos and Philippines’ Ambassador sign Air Transport agreement

Ábalos Filipinas

The moment of the signing./ Photo: Ministry of Development and Public Works


The Diplomat. 14/06/2018


On Tuesday, the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, and the Philippine Ambassador to Madrid, Philippe J. Lhuillier, signed the agreement on Air Transport between Spain and the Philippines, with which they intend to adapt to the community regulations the current legal framework providing coverage to air connections between both countries.


The event, held at the Ministry of Development in Madrid, was attended by other representatives of the Embassy of the Philippines, such as the deputy head of Mission and consul general, Emmanuel Fernández, and the third secretary and vice-consul, Ralf Roldan.


The agreement, authorized by the Cabinet at the beginning of March, establishes flexible principles regarding the regime of operations to be carried out, strengthening so the mutual relations in the field of commercial air transport and establishing the bases for the development of more and better air services between Spain and the Philippines.


At the moment, there are no direct flights between Spain and the Philippines, but airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar, Saudi Airlines or Emirates connect both countries through stopovers.



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